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Submitted by on Jul 8, 2019
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This WordPress website made with love in our Sydney Theme WordPress 2019 Tutorial!

About Policani.com, as told by Marc Policani…

1. What features on your site are you most proud of?

I really liked being able to layer a transparent image over looping video backgrounds.

2. Hardest part about making it?

I ran into two bugs when attempting to set my table / cell padding values (updating one value, updates all values with the exact same number) and when customizing my footer (Footer cells #2 and #3 will not populate unless content appears in cell #1).

3. Easiest part about making it?

I found Elementor to be easier to use than the stock WordPress design tools that shipped with earlier editions; however the ease of use comes with a price for non-subscription users as Elementor prevents you from accessing popular WordPress features and functionality like Parallax scrolling effects, e-mail forms, inserting basic HTML, and CSS. I found a couple of settings which appear to mimic Parallax support, but in the interest of accessing everything else I would be interested in seeing video tutorials on how to work around these limitations, even if it means building a Sydney 2019 themed site without Elementor.

4. Which companies did you use for domain/hosting (and are you happy with them)?

I originally went with a 3-year hosting service with Bluehost as they offered WordPress site hosting services at a low price point as it came with free domain name registration services, however I quickly found in the second year of using the service that my 3-year hosting package only covered a year of domain name service. In addition, their email server security certificates weren’t configured correctly for my first two years of service, which resulted in all mail sent from my private domain routed to customer junk mail folders.

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